Sashimiki - 2009 Novo disco -  Mulata de arroz



Convincing and classy

Adriana Miki combines her Japanese and Brazilian roots by creating her musical carreer from Portugal. The jazz with Brazilian influences is of a high standard for the second time.

The jazzy sounds from Brazil do have a relaxed atmosphere as can be expected.But besides of that the album Mulata De Arroz has splendered withheld excesses.The excitement that Miki creates feels refreshing and warm You can feel the heat in the music that fills the room.

….Adriana Miki is a late bloomer as a songwriter and as a singer.This results in a “your own way”  style and has no influence from someone else.Miki is certainly herself, the way she composes and the way she performs, within the style of Brazilian jazz.But she has been slightly influenced by her roots and by the surroundings where she lives.Her accompanying sheet of lyrics with an introduction by co-composer Léo Minax is full of superlatives and exclamation marks (!!!).The passionate intro of Miki’s second album creates a promise that is amply met when you listen to it.

Miki convinces in the tranquility that fits in the Brazilian music.The class that this singer exhibits is of a rare level.

If you have seen Miki live, you may look forward to renditions of Mulata De Arroz. ” – Read full review (Dutch) – Joost Festen




“…On Mulata de Arroz Ms. Miki is in top form, singing with great facility. There is innocence in the sound of her voice that suggests Ms. Miki is somewhat naïve, but this may be wholly untrue. She has the maturity to reach deep down into her soul and wrench from within feelings of great import: the ache of having lost something great and of finding equally great solace in the loneliness that results thereby. When her pain is enormous, you can feel it in the somewhat shrill thinness of her voice. Alternatively, when there is joy in Ms. Miki’s heart her voice bursts forth and glides into the stratosphere a mighty whoosh. But always Ms. Miki is in complete control as her voice leaps like a gazelle high and lonesome as it becomes possessed by sadness or joy. In a single song, for instance, Ms. Miki can inhabit several planes, bounding from one to the other with a sense of ebullience that is infectious…”

Raul da Gama  – 



“… Com uma voz autêntica (mas nem por isso menos sofisticada) e um timbre apurado – livre de inconsequentes trejeitos malabaristas – Adriana Miki navega com igual à vontade pelos territórios do jazz, do samba, da bossa nova, construindo uma identidade vocal particular, que a distancia de outras cantoras…”

António Branco – Diário do Alentejo   – Crítica Diário do Alentejo (crítica inteira)



“Acabo de ouvir o novo cd da Adriana Miki, uma autêntica bomba musical, fiquei siderado, é dos melhores trabalhos que tenho ouvido nos últimos anos. Belíssimos temas, tocados por músicos de excelência, arranjos de uma eficácia desconcertante, a qualidade de gravação e mistura são superlativos, cinco estrelas! Aqui está um exemplo de beleza, bom gosto e profissionalismo, onde nada é deixado ao acaso.

Mas a cereja em cima do bolo reside na voz imperial da Adriana, que paira por cima do coletivo, num voo certeiro em direção ás nuvens, ao céu e à beleza do universo, remetendo-nos para as esferas das grandes divas, que são, afinal aquelas vozes que nos fazem sentir próximos de Deus. Força, Adriana, que estás no caminho certo!”  

Carlos Barreto